Marijuana Addiction Side Effects

Marijuana use has proved to have a number of side effects. These are effects that will result from smoking or consuming this drug. The use of this drug has proved to have an influence over the brain. It is one drug that can change the way the brain operates. The side effects of marijuana use may range from physical to psychological. The time frame of using this drug is one factor that will determine the effects this drug will have on the user. Some of these effects can be life threatening. This is why you need to quit the use of this drug in order to be on the safe side.

Marijuana is abused by smoking. This is what puts the user at risk of getting lung cancer. The smoke that is inhaled goes directly to the lungs. The long term use of this drug has proved to be a major cause of cancer among the users.

Marijuana Addiction Side Effects

When one uses marijuana, the brain is changed in the way it works. The users are unable to control the way they operate. It has been proved that marijuana has the ability to change the way you reason. The users will have a pleasure sensation; hence will not be aware that they are hurting themselves. This is what can lead to accidents. Most of the fatal accidents that occur in the modern world are caused by use of marijuana. Many drivers who use this drug drive recklessly, hence putting the lives of passengers at risk.

Another common side effect of marijuana use is that of losing job. Many people who use marijuana are unable to handle themselves. They misbehave even in their place of work. This has led to them losing jobs. Most users of marijuana have ended up losing their jobs because they are not able to handle themselves. They are not able to report to work at the required time. In some instances, they are not able to deliver as per the requirement of the job. Their level of performance will go down.

Dry throat and mouth are an aftermath of marijuana use. People who use marijuana will tend to have dry throat and mouth after using it. This is common in those people who eat or steep marijuana in drinks. The extracts from the Cannabis Sativa plant can be mixed with tea and consumed. The aftermath of this is dry mouth and throat. One bad thing about taking marijuana this way is that you can overdose.

Overdose of marijuana is one thing that may lead to hallucinations and increased appetite. It has been proved that people who use marijuana will have an instant feeling of hallucinations. This is a condition in which marijuana users will feel like they are floating on air. They will feel like they are on their own world.

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